Drones provide us with the ability to capture stunning visuals, which can be used for a variety of creative purposes. Do you own a luxury resort and are looking for ways to promote it on your website and social media? Are you in real estate and want your properties to stand out to buyers? Maybe you’re creating a music video and need some unique footage? With advanced aerial imaging, the opportunities are endless.

We have a background in marketing and know the importance of making a business visually stand out

Pro Aerial Visuals’ highly-skilled pilots and production experts will work with you to find the best ways to showcase your product or service. We explore the fine details of your project, offering advice and inspiration, professionally shoot the photography or videography, and then edit it to your exact requirements, with unlimited revisions. Call the team on 07983 977963 to find out more.

We work with:

Meet the fleet

Although still in their infancy, drones are rapidly expanding in popularity across the UK. The sophisticated technology is continually evolving, paving the way for more innovation across multiple sectors. The equipment we use at Pro Aerial Visuals is manufactured by DJI, a highly reputable brand. Our drone models include:

DJI Mavic Pro

This versatile, compact folding drone is a favourite among our pilots. It is powerful, easy to transport and boats a fully-stabilised 3-axis gimbal, housing a reliable 4K camera.

DJI Matrice

The Matrice series drones are built to endure and engineered to adapt. Water-resistant and substantial in size, it is ideal for industrial inspections.

DJI Phantom

With up to 30 minutes of flying time, the Phantom aircraft grants our filmmakers absolute creative freedom. The camera has an optimised, wide-angle lens, which delivers consistently detailed photos and videos.